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How do I play back files that have been downloaded from my DVR?
What are the apps for Uniview?
How to get a Temporary Password for Uniview NVRs or IP camera?
What steps can I take to increase recording time on a DVR/NVR without replace the hard drive?
Can you have the recorder send a text instead of an email?
I'm having trouble viewing my DVR using Internet Explorer
What is the camera's default IP address?
I’ve configured my system to send out email notification when motion is detected. I’m not getting any email notifications. Why?
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Guarding Vision

Encryption Key Issue/Solution
Can you have the recorder send a text instead of an email?
I’m trying to enable the Guarding Vision service on my recorder but I can’t seem to get it to come Online. Why?
In the Guarding Expert app for the mobile devices, how do I see more than 32 cameras?
How do I restore my camera(s) to factory default settings?
If my IP cameras are connected to a Lan-based PoE switch, I can login to them directly using Internet Explorer. How can I directly access the IP cameras if they are connected to the recorders embedded PoE switch?
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No Video From Analog or HDCVI Camera
I can not connect to the IP channel
After I connected to the IP channel, the single window output is OK, but the multiple windowed output is blank
After I connected to the IP channel, there is no video output in the one window or the multiple window mode, but I can see there is bit stream
How to reset Dahua DVR admin password ?