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How far can I run an Ethernet cable for my IP camera?

CAT5/CAT6 can go up to 300ft. Back to Top

How do I play back files that have been downloaded from my DVR?

The files downloaded from your DVR are encoded in a proprietary format. In order to view them you must use the File Player utility that was included on the CD that came with your DVR.

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What are the apps for Uniview?

EZView for Android and iPhone. EZStation for Windows and Mac. Back to Top

How to get a Temporary Password for Uniview NVRs or IP camera?

Email us device Serial Number and system date. We will generate a temporary password valid only for the SN# and date given. Use the temporary password to log into admin. You will then be directed to create a new password. Back to Top

What steps can I take to increase recording time on a DVR/NVR without replace the hard drive?

You can set up the DVR to record on motion only. You can also reduce Frame Rate (FPS), Bit Rate, and/or Resolution. (Note: This may reduce the video quality of the recording) Back to Top

Can you have the recorder send a text instead of an email?

Not natively. But it may still be possible. See below… Back to Top

I'm having trouble viewing my DVR using Internet Explorer

Make sure to download and install the plugins when prompted. You may also need to add the DVR to compatibility view settings by going to Internet Explorer Tools -> Compatibility View Settings -> Add. Back to Top

What methods can I connect to my recorder with EZ Station?

EZCloud, DDNS, IP Address Back to Top

What is the default username and password for a UNV Camera?

Username: admin Password: 123456 Back to Top

What is the camera's default IP address?

Default IP address is (or, but the camera is set for DHCP as well. If plugging the camera into a router, it will be assigned an IP address from the router. Please use EZTools to find the camera's IP in this case. Back to Top

I’ve configured my system to send out email notification when motion is detected. I’m not getting any email notifications. Why?

There are several reasons why email notification upon motion detection might not function as designed. – Make sure that the recorder is correctly configured for IP/internet connectivity. – Make sure that the sending email account is gmail. – Make sure that the sending and receiving email accounts are not the same. – Make sure that the system is actually ‘recording upon motion detection’ and that the Linkage Method is set to Send Email. Back to Top

Encryption Key Issue/Solution

Hikvision has created an Encryption Key whenever you use the Cloud P2P feature. When you use this feature it will create a Encryption Key for you to use on each Computer and Device that wishes to remotely or locally view the Camera's. This can be very frustrating as for every equipment you would need to type that Encryption Key. Through the Browser you need to head on over to the Configuration Tab. Select the Local Tab. Under Live View Parameters Section, go to where it says "Encryption Key" This is where you type in the Encryption Key that was given to you at the DVR. Re-log back into the unit and you should be able to see the Live View streaming again. NOTE: This Encryption Key can only be found when you are Physically logged into the Unit, because remotely it will not show this for security reasons

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Hikvision has changed the way ONVIF protocol is setup in v5.5.0 firmware version. The main reason for this change is to provide better security for the cameras by default. In firmware version v5.5.0 and above ONVIF is disabled by default. Note the user management system in ONVIF is now independent of the user management system on the camera. The following Hikvision document shows how to setup a camera for ONVIF using firmware v5.5.0 and above.

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I’m trying to enable the Guarding Vision service on my recorder but I can’t seem to get it to come Online. Why?

Guarding Vision requires consistent access to DNS server(s). Recommend adjusting the recorders’ network settings to include the following DNS servers… Preferred DNS = instead of default gateway Alternate DNS = ‘Soft’ Reboot the recorder. If enabled, Guarding Vision service should now come online. Back to Top

In the Guarding Expert app for the mobile devices, how do I see more than 32 cameras?

You will need to create another ‘View’ for cameras 33 – ##, etc. Back to Top

When I attempt to login to the recorder via the web over port, it brings up the login prompt for a camera instead. It’s like I’m logging directly into the camera and instead of the recorder. Why?

More than likely, the HTTP port has been hijacked by the camera. Change the recorder (or camera) HTTP port to another value. Back to Top

How do I restore my camera(s) to factory default settings?

Assuming the camera has a physical reset button… with the camera connected/powered, depress-hold the reset button for 15 seconds. Do not release the reset button, yet. With the reset button still depressed, remove power from the camera. Do not release the reset button, yet. With the reset button still depressed, wait 15 seconds and then reapply power to the camera. Do not release the reset button, yet. Wait another 15 seconds after camera is powered, NOW you can release the reset button. Camera should be reset to default settings. Back to Top

If my IP cameras are connected to a Lan-based PoE switch, I can login to them directly using Internet Explorer. How can I directly access the IP cameras if they are connected to the recorders embedded PoE switch?

In order to login to IP cameras connected directly to the recorders embedded PoE switch, the switches Virtual Hosting feature must be enabled. Login to the recorder in Internet Explorer. Click the Configuration tab. Network / Advances Settings / Other – Enable Virtual Host Once the switch is virtually hosting the cameras, you can login to the cameras directly using the link provided… Click the Configuration tab. System / Camera Management / Link to camera in the connect column Back to Top

What is the maximum cable run for a TVI system?

Maximum is 1200′ Back to Top

How many simultaneous connections are permitted, per camera?

(2) Mainstream – (3) Substream Back to Top

No Video From Analog or HDCVI Camera

1. I connect the camera to the device and there is no video output. If there is no video then test your power supply or try another power supply. Solution: replace the power supply. 2. If there is no video then test your coaxial cable and BNC connections for continuity or try another cable. Solution: replace the coaxial cable with BNC connector. 3. If there is no video then test your device(i.e. recorder) male BNC connectors by switching BNC cable to other channels. If one works and another doesn't then your BNC ports are mis-configured. Solution: Re-configure the port to "Coaxial" in the HDCVI recorder (main menu*>Setting*>Camera*>Channel type). 4. This series device does not support the analog camera of all brands. Please make sure the device supports general standard definition analog camera, HDCVI. Solution: purchase compatible hardware. Back to Top

I can not connect to the IP channel

1. I connect the camera to the device and there is no video output. If there is no video then test your power supply or try another power supply. Solution: replace the power supply. 2. If there is no video then test your Ethernet cable and RJ-45 connections for continuity or try another cable. Solution: replace the Ethernet cable with RJ-45 connections. 3. If there is no video then check if the camera is online or not by plugging only one camera in at a time and using our Config Tool to find it and configure the IP address to DHCP. 4. If you can see the camera on the Config Tool but cannot add the IP camera Check IP channel setup is right or not (such as IP address, user name, password, connection protocol, port number.). 5. If this doesn't work The camera has set the white-list (Only the specified devices can connect to the camera), and you will need to manually reset the camera. Please find your product on this site to find where the reset button is located, this requires some disassembly. Back to Top

After I connected to the IP channel, the single window output is OK, but the multiple windowed output is blank

1. In multi window the output is blank. Check if the sub stream of the camera has been enabled or not (Main Menu->Storage->Record). Solution: substream recording was not setup. 2. If the multi window output is blank, then check the sub stream type of the camera is H.264 or not (Main Menu->Remote Device->Encode). Solution: the encoding stream was setup incorrectly. 3. If the multi window output is blank, then check if the device supports camera sub stream resolution or not (such as 960H, D1, HD1 and etc.). Solution: Find compatible hardware. Back to Top

After I connected to the IP channel, there is no video output in the one window or the multiple window mode, but I can see there is bit stream

1. If you checked the steps above, then check the camera setup (such as IP address, manufacturer, port, user name, password, remote channel number and etc.). Please make sure It supports the products of other manufacturers. Solutions: Find compatible settings or hardware. Back to Top

How to reset Dahua DVR admin password ?

To reset a Dahua DVR and recover the admin password, you just need to either use a reset button located on the motherboard, try a default password or use a software to generate a new password based on the device date.. The password reset procedure To reset the DVR to factory default just follow the steps: 1. Power off the DVR; 2. Press and hold the button; 3. Power on the DVR; 4. Keep the reset button pressed for 30s; 5. Create a new password for the admin account. The process must be done exactly this way. Just make sure you have a monitor attached to the DVR and the power cable is disconnected before starting the process (step 1) and connect the cable while holding the reset button. You must hold the button until the DVR resets, which will take around 20 to 30 seconds and you will be able to see this information in the monitor. Back to Top